5 Unreasonable Insurance from Celebrity:Smile, Legs and Thumb!


Usually you have taken out insurance to protect your car or home. This is a common practice. What about a celebrity? Celebrities sign new and sometimes inappropriate guidelines to protect their bodies. Here are 5 celebrities who have taken out insurance to protect their extravagant feet, smiles and thumbs.

  1. Do you know how many value of Mariah Carey’s legs? Very amazing, Mariah Carey’s legs, valued at US $ 810 million: the diva inspired the Gillette brand in 2006 for the “Legs of a Goddess” ad campaign. She then took out insurance with London Lloyd’s to protect her leg, a decision that was far from insignificant. The London insurance company then counted several music icons such as Bob Dylan and Rod Stewart among its customers.
  2. Now from Football player. David Beckham’s body was insured for 195 million US dollars: David Beckham was the European champion with Manchester United in 1999 and the most famous football player in the world in 2006. Due to his sports activities, he took out insurance for his legs. The large amount paid for its insurance will exceed the $ 103 million that Real Madrid paid for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009. Later, the model will expand its coverage throughout the body.
  3. Singer Taylor Swift, not only protect her voice, her legs also. She insures her legs for $ 44 million: When she was just 28 years old, the singer estimated the value of her feet at $ 44 million. The perfectly proportioned star decided to buy a cover for her legs ahead of her world tour in May 2015.
  4. Stars of Pretty Woman film, Julia Roberts smile costs 24.5 million US dollars. Julia Roberts, has several times been named “the most beautiful woman in the world” and has the most expensive smile in the history of film. That smile is pretty good enough for you to insure $ 24.5 million.
  5. Formula 1 driver Fernando Alfonso convinces his thumb for US $ 11.7 million: The two-time world champion gives a thumbs up. A lucrative deal for his insurance company that put Formula 1 drivers in the spotlight to promote his new insurance program. Insurance coverage was signed in 2010, days before the Barcelona Grand Prix, as part of a traffic accident campaign to promote life insurance.

That are 5 insurance premium from famous celebrity, who insure extrazagant feet, smile and thumb. What about you? Do you interest taken out insurance for your part of the body?